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OPEN  Bug report #159  -  Keyboard shortcuts interferes with param values
Posted Dec 22, 2012 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description

I've set many of my shortcuts to single keys, like "a" for select all and "d" for deselect.

When writing in param input fields those characters can't be used, the tool is activated instead. As an example it's impossible to write "Arial" in a text layer font family string field... Same for layer name inputs. Also I tried to set play canvas to "," and stop to "." - Not a good idea, I'm not able to write real values with decimals... timeline starts playing as soon as I hit ","...

In text layer "text" value where there is an input text box popping up those key can be used.
Steps to reproduce this issue
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Comment posted by
 Imported User
Dec 22, 18:09

I've tried to find a fix to this problem by applying even propagation thechinques as explained in the gtkmm programming book without success. I've sent an email to gtkmm lists to see if some else can help here: Here is the message archive:
Comment posted by
 Imported User
Dec 22, 18:10

2012-02-09 > Please confirm if it is fixed in the latest release.
Comment posted by
 Imported User
Dec 22, 18:12

It is working properly now.

Unfortunately the solution introduced another issue, shortcuts is no longer consistent over the interface. Play only work when canvas is selected but not when timeline is selected, /canvasview/select-all-ducks only works when canvas is selected etc. I'll post a new bug report for it - Bug report 160 - Shortcuts not consistent.
Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Dec 22, 18:13
Fixed by genete.

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Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Apr 26, 13:10
The issue is back in development version.
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