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100% Software Render : Can't embed svg Error is throw when trying to embed a svg image type inside and image layer Bug report #769
100% Software Render : Can't embed jpg Error is throw when trying to embed a jpg image type inside and image layer Bug report #767
40% A full/complete icon set for dark DE themes In the world, most of the artists are using dark themes for various reasons, the current icon set is not good on this... Feature request #509
10% Launching Preferences (Edit > Preferences) crashes Syn... Problem Details and System Configuration: Process: synfigstudio [617] Path: /tmp/*... Bug report #789
10% Copy skeleton between documents crashes * Development branch * Using revision ID: 83963e49d4904c98c99b95f70e24a4f465e21c4d * Debug build * Windows 32 C... Bug report #563
10% Animated subparameter doesn't show the "Set Interpol... When you animate a normal parameter, it becomes to an Animated Value Node. It is still offering the Set Interpolation... Bug report #485
10% Z-Depth not correctly displayed in Layers Panel If you change the Z Depth in the Parameters panel, it is no longer displayed correctly in the layers panel. 64-bit D... Bug report #654
10% Brush click doesn't paint Simple click with the Brush tool produces an history entry but not an stroke (if you click outside the image it is no... Bug report #579
10% CairoRender : Importing jpeg and bmp files does not work Synfig 0.65.0-20141024_i386 version Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit Importing JPEG and BMP files resuilts in importing empty ... Bug report #697
10% Tools shortcuts do not work ! (they hits menu) Since Single Windows, most of the tools' shortcuts do not work. Has Alt+Key refer the main menu entries, the tool's ... Bug report #620
10% Waypoint icons of Parameter Panel and Time Tracker are in... In the master branch, Waypoint icons of Parameter Panel and Time Tracker are in different sizes. the screenshot: http... Enhancement #742
10% Crash when paint (II) Using commit ID: Debug build. Windows 32 bits Crash when painting # Import image >Group switch created # Sel... Bug report #578
10% Render Crashes with lst sequence in project Hi folks, The preview is ok without CAIRO enabled, but when rendering, the program crashes. I've created two proj... Bug report #832
10% Preview window crash Using master: f9e38e9857f42657e3ecbb9dd1866ce0aea1b157 Windows 32 bits DEBUG build When invoking the Preview wi... Bug report #674
0% Preview crashes for LST files in Cairo mode The issue happens in the latest master: Revision: 20140211 Branch: master<... Bug report #583
0% Program crash from render dialogue GUI behaves in unexpected way, and then crashes, under reproducible conditions. Greater detail given in Reproducti... Bug report #694
0% Keyboard shortcuts interferes with param values '''rylleman:''' I've set many of my shortcuts to single keys, like "a" for select all and "d" for deselect. Whe... Bug report #159
0% Duplicating a Group Layer with a Skeleton Layer When duplicating a group layer with skeleton layer in it all copies of the layers that were linked to the skeleton ar... Bug report #573
0% Copy paste a skeleton layer (with more than one bone) do ... Copy and paste a skeleton layer do not work : at first look, we can think that all bones are not copied, but in fact ... Bug report #686
0% Delete Skeleton layer, bones are still referenced If you create a skeleton layer SL1 , add child bones (SL1B1 , SL1B2 ....) to it ... then delete it, and you create an... Bug report #688
0% Exported Canvases ignore parent canvas's fps and dimensions Exported Canvases' FPS and Dimensions are hard coded. They are always 24fps and 480 x 270 regardless of either your d... Bug report #518
0% Crash when brush paint (I) Using commit ID: Debug build. Windows 32 bits Crash when painting # Import image > Group switch created. # Displac... Bug report #577
0% Animated value becomes constant when linked to Bone Branch bones2 ; git SHA ID: ac4b0a61baca2f26b3f9b22edc94442805d0ccb7 If you have a value (vertex for example) anima... Bug report #536
0% Warp layer has problems in tile render with Cairo Warp layer still have wrong tiling with Cairo Bug report #415
0% insert toggle width handle in any position on the spline ... nsert toggle width handle in any position on the spline (advanced outline): "Saludos, Jesus les Salve!!!, no me hice... Feature request #567
0% Resizing canvas window can freeze the OS Resizing canvas window can freeze the OS. Pressing Alt+Tab un-freezes the system. Issue happens in Single-Thread mo... Bug report #475
0% LST importer doesn't import papagayo files on Windows Windows build of Synfig Studio refuses to import papagayo-generated LST files. Sample file - Bug report #569
0% Brush paint outside image produces larger strokes Start painting from outside the current image boundaries produce larger strokes than user did. This is due to that th... Bug report #580
0% Brush tool, minimal brush support when MyPaint is not ins... Implement a minimal brush (sizable at least) when MyPaint is not installed. A message in the tool option panel cou... Feature request #607
0% Expansion unit in Rectangle Tool Options Panel Currently, expansion option of a rectangle layer of Rectangle Tool is using synfig unit, and there is not unit symbol... Enhancement #611
0% Skeleton deformation matrix not neutral when it should be I've noticed that just after create a Skeleton deformation (and therefore a single bone pair is created) there is one... Bug report #640
0% HTML code in color dialog doesn't stay the same While creating a screenshot of the Toolbox with German captions, I've noticed the following issue: The outline color... Bug report #646
0% Can't edit handles converted to "Linked to BLine" From comment n°2 in Bug report #624 - Can't edit widthpoint position using mouse Bug report #687
0% Undock and resize parameter panel freeze the app Undock and resize parameter panel freeze the app Revision: 20140919 (morevna/gtk3 branch) / debian wheezy Bug report #680
0% Render result regression from 0.64.1 It has been noticed that there is a render result difference between current stable version (0.64.1) and current deve... Bug report #681
0% Preview window crash Using master branch development snapshots revision ID 83fd19 windows 32 bits. Just run the Preview dialog and pre... Bug report #755
0% input device dialog "regression" the input devices dialog is totally rare : size, entries proposed (open synfig 0.64.1 input devices to understand wh... Bug report #678
0% Make New Frame action should be context dependent The "Make New Frame" action (layeraddframe) is active in too many state (region or image selected) but is inefficient... Enhancement #726
0% Skeleton layer, changing bone's parent When changing a bone's parent with the select box, the selected entry is not the one affected. * If is sele... Bug report #685