This year Synfig takes part in the fourteenth edition of Google Summer of Code. Now I am happy to announce that we’ve got 2 talented students selected, who will be working on improving Synfig this summer thanks to Google’s sponsorship:

  • Ankit Kumar Dwivedi will be working on a feature to allow converting bitmap images into vector graphics. This will be done by porting vectorization algorithm from OpenToonz animation package. You can track his progress in this thread.
  • Anish Gulati will be working on “Export for Web” project. This feature will allow to export Synfig animation to Lottie format, which can be played back in a web browser, without any additional plugins on user’s side. No, it’s not anything close to GIF – it is much lighter and vector-based. That means our users will be able to use Synfig for creating animated content for web pages – animated buttons, icons and even cartoons! Anish already made first working prototype, you can see results of his work here.

Congratulations to our students!

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