We are happy to announce that this year Synfig is accepted to participate in Google Summer of Code again. We have been participating in this program for the sixth year and we are very happy about it!

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. GSoC Contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors and have the opportunity to get involved into a real software development process, while the organizations can welcome new contributors working on a valuable features, potentially becoming a regular after the summer is over.

So, right now we are looking for candidates who would like to get their first experience in contributing to our open-source project during the summer period. If you are interested to participate, please check our list of ideas for possible projects. This list is not exhaustive, prospect contributors are encouraged to come with their own proposals (after having their relevance validated by core developers).

Although the application period takes place from March 19 to April 3 (see full program timeline), we require prospective participants to start contributing on simple issues before the actual application deadline: we’ll be picking only those candidates who demonstrated that they can fit into our workflow.

Please make sure to check Getting Started page for more details and feel free to join to this thread at our forum.

We’re looking forward for your submissions!

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  1. Greg

    “This site uses Akismet to reduce spam” – Didn’t seem to stop Eva from posting betting site spam.

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      Fixed now, thank you!

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