We are happy to announce that the new development version of Synfig Studio is available for download! This update delivers important fixes and recommended for everyone, who uses previous build. Much thanks to Ivan Mahonin and Artem Konoplin for addressing those issues.

List of changes:

  • Fixed bug which was preventing moving multiple vertices (issue #541).
  • Automatically select new layer when image is imported (issue #368).
  • Allow to rename layers with F2 key (issue #465).
  • Allow to delete layers by pressing Del key.
  • Fixed ‘GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent’ warning written in console.
  • Fixed ‘unused variable warnings’ in console.

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  1. BobSynfig

    Lots of good news 🙂
    Don’t forget to add a link to https://www.synfig.org/news on Synfig’s site main page (only available on Patreon!)!

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      Done! ^__^

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