We are happy to announce that the new development version of Synfig Studio is available for download! This version delivers a set of fixes made by our new hired developer Artem Konoplin.

  • Fixed bug causing FilterGroup layer not save Origin parameter (issue #505).
  • Fixed error preventing user to move keyframe at certain circumstances (issue #503).
  • Fixed crash on Windows when closed file is re-loaded (issue #521).
  • Fixed crash when you press Esc key during the rotation of the object (issue #470).
  • Fixed issue #485: Spline Tool tangent menu crashes Synfig.
  • Fixed issue #502: Attempt to run plugin cause to Synfig crushes.
  • Fixed bug which was causing Synfig fail to start on systems with Gtk prior to version 3.20. This error is caused by incorrect CSS errors handling (style parameter ‘min-height’ was introduced in Gtk 3.20, for earlier version need to use ‘child-min-height’).
  • Added static analyzers CLion and cppcheck (just Synfig Studio for now). Using them would be possible to fix some rare bugs and memory leaks. To run static analysis use analyze_cppcheck.sh or analyze_clion.sh inside synfig-studio folder.
  • Fixed some errors found by analyzers (planned iterated fixing of this sort of bugs).
  • Fixed compilation error on OSX with old GCC.

Important note: This version have a regression, which prevents moving more than one control points. As a temporary workaround please use Smooth Move Tool with a big Radius value (see details). We apologize for inconvenience and working towards resolving this issue.

Get source code | View revision history

For your reference: versions marked as 1.3.x represent current development version with all latest features and fixes; stable version marked as 1.2.x.

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  1. gablex777

    This is great, the fixes above

  2. gablex777

    Do we have builds for Linux 32 Bit?

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      Linux 32 bit are available now. Apologies for delay! ^__^

  3. Owen

    Thanks! Synfig has been a great free resource and I’m happy to know it’s still being improved

  4. Binyamin Green

    Thanks! Less crashes would be awesome. What does this not being “stable” mean for me?

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      That means we did not fully tested its features set yet. Some glitches with new functionality might appear. ^__^

      1. Binyamin Green

        Thanks for the help!

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