Since 2013 Synfig has been supported with regular donations from many people, which helped to maintain its development and bring new features for benefit of everyone.

Now we are taking one more step towards improving our relationship with community by joining OpenCollective – a platform which will allow us to manage all donations and expenses completely transparently.

OpenCollective provides a transparent ledger service and takes responsibility for managing all financial transactions, while keeping those process open for community.

That means:

  • Everyone can see where the money come from, how much money collected, and how they are spent.
  • Developers can easily submit invoices or receipts to get refunded for their work and other project-related expenses.
  • The process of paying to developers is transparent and handled by Open Source Collective 501(c)(6)
    non-profit organization.

More on how it works can be found here.

Our page at OpenCollective –

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  1. iyot

    next release please?

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      We plan to release version 1.3.15 before the end of this month. Stay tuned!

      1. bala

        fix reuse already saved .sifz character in another file with bones, it is the big problem of many synfig users

        1. Konstantin Dmitriev

          Hi bala! The fix for this will be available in version 1.3.15, which is almost ready for release.

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