Good news for our OSX users! We have updated the testing build of Synfig Studio for OSX. The new build is a special, since it includes the Cobra rendering engine, which was developed as part of our ongoing crowdfunding campaign.

Download Synfig Studio for OSX

NOTE: On the download page please make sure to choose proper version from the dropdown list. See illustration below.

Although the Cobra is still a very experimental feature, you can already test it with simple compositions. Currently, the following types of layers supported: Image Layer, Vector Layers (Region, Outline, Advanced Outline), Transformations (Translate, Rotate, Scale, Stretch). According to our tests, it performs 2-4 times faster than regular (Legacy) render engine. You can read more about Cobra in this post.

The development of Cobra rendering engine is possible thanks to the people, who supporting our crowdfunding campaign. Special thanks to our latest sponsors – Nin Leavitt and Trish Findlay. You can support our ongoing efforts on developing Cobra engine by contributing to the campaign. Thank you!

Visit campaign page

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