As part of our crowdfunding campaign on Synfig optimization, our hired developer Ivan Mahonin is developing a completely new rendering engine with a purpose to boost performance. Obviously, this new rendering engine needs to have some name.

And now it does! Let me introduce you – Cobra.

Some quick updates on our progress:

As you can see from the screenshot above, now it is possible to enable new rendering engine through the setup dialog – no need to fiddle with environment variables or make code changes anymore.

The issues with image layers got fixed in software mode. This makes Cobra suitable for simple (cut-out) animations. In fact, I have already started to use it for some scenes of Morevna Project, since it beats old software rendering. More on this in my next report.

In the meantime Ivan gets back to resolving issues of multi-threaded rendering. I will keep you updated on this.

You can support our ongoing efforts on Synfig optimization by contributing to our fundraising campaign. Thank you!

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