So, as I have announced in the previous post, we have launched our new crowdfunding campaign and the first contributions are already in! I believe it is good time to put some clarifications on how much do we really need.

To be short: much like as in previous campaigns, we need $1000 for one month of full-time development.

With the initial amount of $1000, which was collected from the previous crowdfunding, we plan to reach the goal of $2000 by September 1st. That would be enough to fund the full-time development in September.

In the same way, we expect the goal of $3000 reached by October 1st, to ensure the full-time development in October. With the full time development you can expect the intensive progress and regular updates.

What happens if we fail to reach the goal by the exact date? We still going to continue the development, but Ivan Mahonin will be working in part-time mode, depending on the collected amount. Of course, in this case the progress would be much slower.

That’s how it is! At the moment as I am writing this we are already at 25% towards our funding goal. Much thanks to our early supporters – Eyecreate, Dirk Baeten, Anonymous and h3adlin3.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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