So we have released the Synfig Studio 1.0 – a big step for the whole project! Also, there are some minor updates in the works, but the main question – what are the big plans? Our regular followers probably already know the answer – our goal is to make Synfig faster!

For the past few months our hired developer Ivan Mahonin was working on the new rendering engine with completely reworked architecture.

By this moment he have completely reworked all infrastructure and created the new task-based renderer, which is opens a way for implementing hardware optimizations and multithreading. You can see the results of his work in this branch and also there is an additional repository for tests here.

With this infrastructure we are not limited for a one type of rendering (software or hardware). Instead, we can mix several rendering methods for different type of layers (well, to be more precise – for different types of tasks, which is even more flexible). You can read Ivan’s notes on this topic here.

Although the basic infrastructure is done, there is still a lot of work ahead. Optimization is a hard task, including a lot of trials and errors. We need your help to keep the intensive development and release the new optimized Synfig for you as soon as possible.

Today we are re-opening our fundraising campaign to collect funds for development of new optimized version of Synfig (this is possible thanks to the recent changes on Indiegogo platform). We appreciate any amount, as well as your support in spreading a word about our campaign.Thank you!

Visit the campaign page

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