So, the new version of Synfig Training Course is finally released, but that doesn’t means our work is over here. Not at all! Yesterday Synfig Training Course got one more tiny improvement – now all lessons have subtitles in English! Much thanks to Yu Chen for helping with this. We hope this enhancement will improve your watching experience.

As you might guess, having subtitles in English makes it so tempting to have subtitles in other languages. And this is what we are going to do!

Today we are launching translation activitiesfor the Training Course. The English subtitles are now available for translation at the Transifex platform and we invite you to join us there!

Join the translation

With this initiative we hope to get subtitles for the Training Course in more languages. Also, this makes possible to produce the fully-translated versions, much like the same as we did for previous version of Training Course in Portuguese and Chinese languages.


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