It’s been a long path since the day when we have started migration of Synfig Studio UI from Gtk2 to Gtk3 toolkit. And finally, today we are happy to present you the first testing builds for all supported platforms – Windows, Linux and OSX.

Those builds are also include all the latest developments made to Synfig code for the past months.

Here’s the list of major changes:

  • Interface migrated to Gtk3 (thanks to Ivan Mahonin)
  • Various UI improvements (thanks to Yu Chen, Jerome Blanchi, Konstantin Dmitriev)
  • Improved Bone Distortion (thanks to Ivan Mahonin)
  • Various fixes for Brushes feature (thanks to Jerome Blanchi)
  • Sound playback for Preview Dialog (thanks to Ivan Mahonin)
  • HSV color wheel and improved SpriteSheet export (thanks to Dmitry Zdorovtsov)

Notable usability changes:

  • In previous builds it was possible to move the Group transformation center by holding Spacebar. Now this behaviour is changed – hold Ctrl key to move center of Group transformation.

Download development snapshots

We would like to thank all people who supported our last fundraising campaign in May 2014 and keep supporting us after that through donations and subscriptions:

Gerald Young, Joseph Carney, Matt Jordan, szamanx01, Ksenia Kuzyaeva, mrmack303, robinweymouth,  David Rylander, Carlos López Gonzalez, ikeahloe, Alex Z, Rob Lefrandt, mkomarinski, racmtb, Alexandre Prokoudine, yenaltan, makroes, Oliver Horn, Bram Joris, Yu Chen, ivanhurba, Dave Jeffery, Matija Nalis, kvr2007, daif1, Fahad Al-Saidi, Irfan Quazi, thatraja, Anna Orlova, Olga Bikmullina, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, Dirk Baeten, cameralibre, Paul Kotelevets, Antonio Valenti, Boudewijn Rempt, Joshua Bell, Ken Tasaki, Kevin Wilcoxon, Mark Browning, Trisha Toews and all anonymous sponsors.

Thank you! You made all those changes happen, you helping us to keep moving, make Synfig better and get closer to version 1.0.

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