The fourth release candidate of Synfig Studio 1.0 is available for download and testing! We would like to give a special thanks to the people who supported Synfig Studio development in this period. Much thanks to:

Ksenija Kuzjaeva, Patrick Hlavac-Winsor, Ricardo Tanaka, Michael Thanem, Boudewijn Rempt, Joslyn Greenard.

With this update we deliver a dozen of important fixes and some usability improvements. Please check the full list of changes below.

List of changes:

  • Show warning when trying to edit animated parameter outside of Animation Mode. Hold Spacebar key while editing parameter to suppress the warning message.
  • JACK transport in Preview Window not interferes with canvas transport anymore.
  • Animated paths now parsed when saving animation file in different location (bugs #96#262).
  • The usage of “\” symbol as directory separator for filepaths in Windows version was resulting in compatibility problems when opening animation file on other platforms. Now the “/” symbol is used everywhere.
  • Colored handles for Transformation widget and Bones.
  • Fix issue with moving multiple handles.
  • Fix onionskin (bug #754). Onionskin values now can be edited through the buttons on the toolbar or through metadata panel. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Automatically attach Composite valuenode when calling Disconnect operation for Transformation parameter.
  • Tweak UI layout for Preference dialog. Thanks to Yu Chen.
  • Fix UI language switching (bug #633).
  • Fix dark theme switch problem happening on some configurations in Linux.
  • Allow to import *.lst files with CRLF line breaks (bug #568). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Fix file type selection in Sketch Tool open dialog box (bug #848). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Use scrolled window when display warnings on file load.
  • Windows version: Fix rendering of avi files with spaces in filename (bug #833).
  • Windows version: Fix crash of 64bit version on Windows 7.
  • Windows version: Console window is disabled now (bug #2). User can force console window for debug puerposes by passing “–console” or “-c” option to synfigstudio.exe. The separate shortcut for console mode is also provided.


Download Synfig Studio 1.0 RC-4

Package Icon WinWindows

Package Icon LinuxLinux

Package Icon WinMac OS X

Download source tarballs

Note: Synfig Studio for OSX requires Apple’s XQuartz package.

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