We are happy to announce that the new development version of Synfig Studio is available for download now! This version allows you to test all the latest features added by our contributors throughout a year of development. Please read Release Notes for detailed list of changes.

This release is made possible thanks to many people who supported Synfig development with contributions through Download page, Patreon and OpenCollective platform.

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  1. John

    The important feature that I as user need is plesse change the loop spline option . Synfig need to loop spline without right click and loop splime option, but by click on the first vertex to loop the spline, just like in inkscpe bezier pen when make a shape.

    Hope the feature i need added in next development release because it is too much action just to make loop spline

    1. Rodolfo

      It’s already available since 1.4.0. But it needs a double-click on the first vertex, as single-click could be used for select/moving while creating spline.

      1. John

        Ok, thank you for your information, very useful

  2. ryan

    Hello developer, I like to draw using spline tool, but wherever I draw the origin point is always in the center of the page by default. This is also happened when I import from inkscape. My suggestions are:
    1. how about to make the default origin point to the center of object by default?
    2. when user want to move origin point, now the object should be moved to the origin by select all vertices first. How about the origin point that moved while the object stay in its position? this will make user easier to do something related to origin point

    Thank you for this amazing software, hope my suggestion added in next synfig update

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