I am excited to announce that we’ve got a donation of $2000 from ASIFA-Hollywood.

ASIFA hollywood is a branch member of the “Association Internationale du Film d’Animation” or “ASIFA” (the International Animated Film Association). Its purpose is to promote the art of film animation in a variety of ways, including its own archive and an annual awards presentation, the Annie Awards. It is also known as the International Animated Film Society.


From their website:

…Over the last few decades, there have been incredible advancements in the quality of open source software solutions for artists. Although historically, complex 3D rendering tools and animation software have had a high upfront cost barrier, open source software development is more than ever serving as a counterweight to put fantastic technology in the hands of anyone who is curious enough to explore it.
There are several things the ASIFA community can do to encourage the growth of this unique industry. As artists, ASIFA-Hollywood encourages its members to try popular open source software programs for themselves. Simply engaging these communities online is a small step to help foster better tools and better art for everyone.
Thanks to donation from ASIFA-Holywood, we can keep our new hired developer Artem Konoplin working on Synfig this month. Also, Ivan Mahonin gets back to active development of Synfig. So, stay tuned for more news soon!

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