The new development builds of Synfig Studio now available for download! This time we provide builds for all three supported platforms (Windows, Linux and OSX) at the same time. All builds have identical set of features (check the full list below).

With this we have reached an important milestone – the results of our work on Synfig optimization (namely – the Cobra rendering engine) now available for all platforms and is part of the main development branch. So we can continue Synfig optimization without the risk of interfering with development of other features (which are surely will come soon).

With the current development build you will get:

  1. Multithreaded Cobra rendering engine, supporting the following layers:
    • Vector layers: Region, Polygon, Outline and Advanced Outline.
    • Image layer.
    • Transformation layers: Translate, Rotate, Scale, Stretch.
    • Groups and Switch Groups.
    • Blur layer (basic implementation, optimization isn’t complete).
    • Primitives: Circle, Rectangle, Star (not optimized yet).
    • Gradients (not optimized yet).
  2. Usability improvements:
    • Completely reworked preferences dialogue. Thanks to Yu Chen (concept) and Jerome Blanchi (implementation).
    • Tooltips for group transformation widget. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
    • Selecting handle on the workarea now highlights the corresponding parameter in the Parameters Panel. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
    • Split and merged tangents now displayed in different way. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  3. Other changes:
    • Synfig code now compatible with C++11 (see issue #904), thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
    • Fixed rendering of Image layers in Cobra for OSX.

Many thanks to everyone, who supported our ongoing crowdfunding campaign and especially the latest contributors – Urm Zoomn and Zhaodsf (aka venom2000bt).

New preferences dialogue

Tooltips for group transformation widget (can be configured via preferences).

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