The new development builds of Synfig Studio for Linux are available for download! The list of changes:

  • Selecting handle on the workarea now highlights the corresponding parameter in the Parameters Panel (much thanks to Jerome Blanchi).
  • Now it is possible to show/hide all handles by pressing Alt+0 (thanks to Jerome Blanchi).
  • Cobra rendering engine got basic support for Blur effect.

Download packages

NOTE 1: On the download page please make sure to choose proper version from the dropdown list. See illustration below.

NOTE 2: The Cobra rendering engine is still under heavy development. Currently it supports only vector elements (Regions, Outlines), bitmaps, blurs and transformation layers.

Let me thank everyone who contributing to our ongoing fundraising campaign and supporting our development efforts. Special thanks to our latest contributors: Gabriel Diosan, susssu, and Anonymous ones. Thank you!

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