It’s been a while. Two weeks passed like a jet! Today we have a new Linux builds for you. They are faster than previous. I invite you to download them for testing and in my next report I will share the details of our work and results of our benchmarks.

Download packages

NOTE 1: On the download page please make sure to choose proper version from the dropdown list. See illustration below.

NOTE 2: The Cobra rendering engine is still under heavy development. Currently it supports only vector elements (Regions, Outlines) and bitmap layers.

With this post I also would like to mark the end of our crowdfunding in November. Like in previous month, we wasn’t able to reach the target goal for full-time development and that means in December our hired developer will keep working in part-time mode. We promise to do our best within our resources.

Let me thank everyone who supporting us, including our latest contributors:  Pablo López Soriano, brix, susssu, Gabriel Diosan, Jack John, Matija Nalis, klwilcoxon, Adelina Hayand Anonymous. Thank you!

Our crowdfunding campaign continued. As usual, we appreciate your support to keep the development of new fast rendering engine for Synfig.

Visit campaign page


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