In the previous report I have posted a demonstration of Cobra – the new Synfig rendering engine, Today we got first packages with Cobra engine available for testing! For now it’s only for Linux and only 64-bit. It wouldn’t be a big deal to make 32-bit ones now, but other platforms (Windows and OSX) still require some (massive) additional effort.

Now you can test by yourself the results of our work and compare with the values reported in my previous update.

Download packages

NOTE 1: On the download page please make sure to choose proper version from the dropdown list. See illustration below.


NOTE 2: It might happen this testing build will crash the first time you run it. This happens because of the configuration file issue and should work fine for second time. Just give it another try! ^__^

Below I am re-posting the video with the demonstration of our optimization measurements and here is the same sample file for you to test.

Meanwhile, Ivan still busy with multithreaded rendering. Yeah, really tricky task! He have implemented some cool smart algorithm for parallelization (check the latest commits in his branch), but for some reason it doesn’t deliver desired speedup. Investigating why. If this wouldn’t work, then we will fallback to “old good” multithreading based on simple tiles. This approach have some drawbacks, but at least it works – Ivan already polished it for Legacy rendering mode.

It’s November arrived here and this time our crowdfunding campaign haven’t reached its goal again. That means our hired developer Ivan Mahonin will be unable to work for full time in this month. Still, he can continue working in part-time mode. Much thanks to everyone who have contributed to campaign and our latest sponsors – Nin Leavitt, Gabriel Diosan, John Wise, Salavat Fidai and Anonymous. Let’s see if we can reach the target goal for December!

As usual, we appreciate if you share information about our campaign in your social networks. Thank you!

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