We are happy to announce that the new version of Synfig Studio is available for download! This update includes some results of optimizations for rendering engine, improvements for group layers and number of fixes related to parameter linking (converts).

List of changes:

  • Rendering optimizations (every workarea update is faster by 50ms now).
  • Group Layer now have “Speed” parameter to adjust the playback of child layers. Thanks to Max May.
  • Dropdown list for Switch Group to choose active layer. Thanks to Max May.
  • Native build for OSX (no additional XQuartz package required anymore).
  • Allow to load Gimp Palette files (.gpl) in Palette Editor Panel (issue #830). Thanks to Tony (aka BobSynfig).
  • New convert type: Reverse. Allows to reverse lists, strings, spline points, segments, gradients, width points and dash items (read more). Thanks to Max May.
  • Allow to convert “Time” type to “Real”. Thanks to Max May.
  • The “Add” convert type now supports reverse manipulations for Real and Angle values.
  • “On” and “Off” parameters of a “Switch” convert now aren’t linked by default (issue #766). Thanks to Max May.
  • Fix crash on linking regular vertex and width point center (issue #889). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Fix crash of “Link to Spline” operation when trying to link vertex to the spline it belongs to (issue #574). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Forbid creating recursive (looped) connections for parameters (issue #48). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.

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