So, the new month is here! This time we haven’t managed to collect the required amount of $1000 to accommodate the full-time development for a month. That means our hired developer Ivan Mahonin will switch to part-time mode.

With the help from 108 contributors campaign have reached 46% and this is pretty much enough for half month of work! Special thanks to  klwilcoxon, Ricardo Graça, thankssynfig, susssu, Alexandre Prokoudine and our anonymous sponsors for the last-time donations. We appreciate your support very much and will do our best to deliver as much as possible within the available resources.

Some quick update on the development status:

Ivan have finished reworking the tile rendering mode and now tries to get benefit of multithreaded rendering using tiles.

Our next steps planned:

* Fix Image layers in Software rendering. This will make new rendering engine suitable for simple animations already and we can test it in production.
* Implement switching of rendering engine via GUI.
* Build testing binary packages for Linux, Windows, OSX. That will allow our users to easily test the features of new rendering engine.
* At this point we will be ready to merge changes into master development branch. This will allow to continue development without much overhead on resolving conflicts between different branches.

Meanwhile, our crowdfunding campaign is continued. With the current amount of $2466 we need to reach the mark of $3500 to accommodate full-time development in November. We appreciate if you help us by sharing the news about the campaign and our efforts. Thank you!

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