Dear community, we need your help. When I am talking about possible ways to help Synfig, I am usually talk about contributing patches, writing documentation and donations. Of course, any of those requires particular resource – skills, time or money. And each of these is separate topic to discuss.

But actually there is a one simple action that everyone can do to help us make Synfig better. It is really simple and doesn’t cost you a money or require particular skill.

Just click this link to open our fundraising campaign and then click any of the sharing buttons on the left.

Does this really helps? It does! Some people underestimate this kind of help because of its simplicity and think it is not significant. But it isn’t so.

The thing is that there are many people who are happy to contribute to the campaign, but they just aren’t aware about our efforts.  Do you think there are no such ones among your followers? Maybe. But maybe not.  By sharing this page you help us to reach more people. The more people will know about campaign – the more chances that we will reach the ones who are willing to support us. As result, we will have more resources to implement features, improvements and make Synfig better for you. It’s simple.

So, we are asking for a little help – please take a minute of your time to share our campaign page. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. Nik

    Good evening! Why was the money deducted when buying a paid version, but I did not find this offer in the downloads !!!! Are you there at all?

    1. Konstantin Dmitriev

      Dear Nik! I have looked for transactions with your email address and I can see you made an order at Mon 7th Feb 2022 17:28 and paid 0 (zero). Please feel free to submit detailed problem description at our forums –

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