As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, optimization task is a non-trivial thing. It is really hard to make estimation about exact dates and predict all underwater rocks. But the only way to get to the target is to keep moving! Today we are publishing our rough roadmap to illustrate the development plan according the current state of rendering framework.

Some notes. The new rendering framework supports two modes – plain software and hardware-optimized. The trick is that some tasks can be performed by software engine and the others – by hardware. You can see some tasks are common, some software-specific and some related to hardware (GPU).

At the moment Ivan is testing various approaches for hardware optimizations to figure out which ones will work best. Let me note that we are not strictly attached to OpenGL only, there are also considerations for OpenCL. But the final decision is depending on the results of our tests. I will keep you updated.

As of the moment I am writing this, our crowdfunding campaign is at 65% towards our first funding goal. We’re getting closer, but there are still 35% remain! Much thanks to our latest supporters – dugite-craft, p.droumaguet, nordvallt, dluts, gri3fon, Jarl Arntzen, Ryndon Ricks, Gabriel Diosan, Andrew Andreyuk, Anonymous, kidoz, Dmitriy Pomerantsev, Daniel Jones, Jeff Moe, Christopher Michael Rogers, chris.g and mrmaxmeranda! Thank you!

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