We are happy to present the fifth (and, hopefully, the last) release candidate of Synfig Studio 1.0! This update is kindly sponsored by:

Trisha O’Neill, Pitzik4, Kevin Wilcoxon.

This update delivers several fixes and minor usability improvements. Please check the full list of changes below.

List of changes:

  • Fix loading of brush presets in Windows version.
  • Allow to remove guide by dragging it outside of canvas (bug #856).
  • Improve order of Split/Merge Tangents menu items. Add icons.
  • Fix issue with Waypoint Marked as Off display black line in the Timetrack (bug #852).
  • Do not create zero-radius circles if user just clicks on the workarea (without holding and dragging the mouse).
  • Linux packages: Fix segfault happening on layer creation in GNOME on Fedora 21.


Download Synfig Studio 1.0 RC-5

Fix loading of brush presets in Windows version.

Package Icon WinWindows

Package Icon LinuxLinux

Package Icon WinMac OS X

Download source tarballs

Note: Synfig Studio for OSX requires Apple’s XQuartz package.

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