The third release candidate of Synfig Studio 1.0 is available for download and testing! We would like to give a special thanks to the people who supported Synfig Studio development in this period. Much thanks to:

Trisha Toews, Kevin Wilcoxon, A J CODY, James Gregory.

With this update we deliver a number of usability and functionality fixes. Please check the full list of changes below.

List of changes:

  • Checkboxes are now displayed correctly in the Parameters Panel (bug #831).
  • Fix Z-Depth parameter not working when animated (bug #814).
  • Fix tangents linking operation (bug #815).
  • Properly display numbers for locales that use dot as decimal part delimiter.
  • Fix issue with GtkPaned margin not allowing to drag first keyframe in the Timetrack panel.
  • Rendering dialog: Fix lock icon not visible in dark interface. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Improve visibility of sliders in the color selection dialog (bug #751). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Windows version: Fix issues with saving and rendering files to a path with non-latin characters.
  • Linux build: Fix missing icons problem happening for tar package when binary is launched via relative path.

Download Synfig Studio 1.0 RC-3

Package Icon WinWindows

Package Icon LinuxLinux

Package Icon WinMac OS X

Download source tarballs

Note: Synfig Studio for OSX requires Apple’s XQuartz package.

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