The Morevna Project announces, that Nikolai Mamashev has started to work on the updated version of Synfig Training Package.

The Training Package is a video course, produced by Morevna Project for the people who want to learn Synfig in a short time. The course is uncovering all the basic principles of animation in Synfig Studio by explaining the cutout animation technique.

The current version of Training Package is intended for Synfig 0.64.3 and available in 4 languages.

New version will be dedicated to the same concepts and techniques, but is going to be fully re-written and re-recorded in relevance to all changes and improvements of upcoming Synfig Studio 1.0. Also, Nikolai would like to extend the basic curriculum by including the additional topics like usage of Lasso Tool or animation with Bone Distortion Layer.

He also took this chance to create a shiny new artwork for animation exercises, used in the learning process.

Updated graphics for the new version of Synfig Training Package by Nikolai Mamashev.

And yes, should I remind that all our users, who purchased the package through Udemy platform, will get this update for free?

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