Synfig Studio 1.3.13 released

New development version of Synfig Studio is available for download now! This version includes updated UI translations and last-minute stability fixes for upcoming stable release 1.4.0. Much thanks to everyone who found time to test previous development version and report issues to us!

List of changes:

  • Fixed nasty stability issue which was leading to frequent crashes during switching tools.
  • Background rendering now turned off by default (see relevant discussion here).
  • Fixed bug with backup files not discarded properly (issue #1140).
  • Fixed bug with empty floating windows appearing after workspace switching (issue #1143).


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Synfig Studio 1.3.12 released

New development release of Synfig Studio is available for download now! For a list of changes, please see following posts:

This version includes all features, which will be shipped in our next stable release, and you can consider it as “1.4.0 beta”. We also expect to have at least one more development release, which will include only translation updates and critical fixes (if any).  So, we encourage you to download this version and give it a good testing before the final stable release is out. Any issues found please report to our bugtracker. Thank you!


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Synfig Studio 1.3.11 released

The new development release of Synfig Studio is here! This build provides a preview of our work towards the next stable version (1.4.0), at its current state. Please consider that many features are still work-in-progress and can behave not as expected. We strongly discourage you from using this version in production. Any bugs found please report to our issue tracker.


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