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OPEN  Bug report #960  -  POWER of 0
Posted Feb 24, 2016 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
There is a problem with the power function : if you set the 'Power' (real) value to 0. Synfig will crash abruptly

There must be something wrong with the mathematical implementation of the power function (A^0 should be equal to 1). Good bug hunting ! Regards Linken
Steps to reproduce this issue
Convert a real/integer to a power, set programmatically or manually the 'Power' (real) value to '0'.


I checked the valuenode_pow.cpp and you did take 0 (or <epsilon) case into account

so I don't know c++ as well as c# but the problem must come from somewhere else

I set once the value to 0.00000000001 ( < epsilon ) and the program worked as expected, but when I set the power value to '0' exactly it still crashes I manage to see the value correctly evaluated to 1 before the crash