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OPEN  Bug report #832  -  Render Crashes with lst sequence in project
Posted Mar 26, 2015 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
Hi folks,

The preview is ok without CAIRO enabled, but when rendering, the program crashes. I've created two projects, one with lst (sequence of images ), and another one without lst, but with the frames inside layers( much more work hidding and showing one by one ).

Steps to reproduce this issue
On project with lst( sequence of images ), just press render, and the program crashes. The files are attached here.

I have the same project with lst (animaLinux.sifz), and another one without lst (animaLinux2.sifz).

Here, the files( two projects, one with lst, and another one without ): SourceFiles

Without lst it renders fine!

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Apr 01, 08:13
Can't reproduce , maybe fixed ? (debian wheezy / v1rc3 ++ fix568 lst)
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icon_reply.pngApr 02, 22:32, in reply to comment #3
Can you confirm / infirm ?

djay wrote:
Can't reproduce , maybe fixed ? (debian wheezy / v1rc3 ++ fix568 lst)

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icon_reply.pngApr 05, 20:08, in reply to comment #4
Hi!! Sorry for the late response.

Yes, it happens again here. The link to the source files is here again: source

I've choose the options: mp4 file... ffmpeg .. h264 The render starts, but after some seconds... synfig closes.