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OPEN  Bug report #762  -  Color Dialog : HSV Color Panel not updated when opened
Posted Jan 21, 2015 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
When opening the hsv color panel from the color dialog, the input values (rgb / hsv) and the color preview is not updated with the right / current color.

Synfig dev / Id f945954c96
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • OPen Synfig
  • Double click on outline color to open the color dialog
  • Select HSV panel
  • Color, input values, color wheel is'nt updated with current color.

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Feb 16, 09:20
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Aug 09, 14:25
confirmed similar behaviour: RGB and YUV color / hue picker works, but HSV only gives crosshairs on single / double click, but doesn't change color/hue. On my system (win7, sp1) this is an intermittent problem. Opening and altering parms of other layers seems to make it work again. It does fairly consistently happen on using HSV for the first time on a first object.