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OPEN  Bug report #697  -  CairoRender : Importing jpeg and bmp files does not work
Posted Oct 27, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
Synfig 0.65.0-20141024_i386 version Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit

Importing JPEG and BMP files resuilts in importing empty images. PNG import works fine.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Open Synfig Import JPEG or BMP file (either by droppong or going File->Import...) See the image layer appearing in the layers panel and see the outline of the image.

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Oct 28, 09:47
'Info' The cairo rendering mode (workarea or project output) (actually?) only read png external files.

You can setup the workarea mode by the setup dialog :
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Dec 16, 11:32
"The function we have to use is the set_source_pixbuf, since loading images in this way is slower we first create a new Cairo::Context containing the pixbuf and on the on_expose_event of the gtkmm widget we simply copy the image."

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