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OPEN  Bug report #69  -  Incorrect use of pipe system call
Posted Dec 16, 2012 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
Gerco Ballintijn:

In src/synfig/render.cpp (line 338) the pipe() system call is used incorrectly. The pipe() call uses with two adjacent local integer variables instead of the required single array of 2 integers. It currently works, but is not guaranteed to work.
Steps to reproduce this issue
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Comment posted by
Jul 22, 15:48
Incorrect code is now in line 451.

Seems very easy to correct and maybe will give some stability for win32 platform. It's present in between a preprocessor win32 condition i my case, i can't resolve, i don't have this platform.
Comment posted by
 Charlie Murphy
Dec 31, 23:09
If the pipe() call you pointed out is the same call at 488, this is a good usage. At first glance it looks wrong, because pipe_read and pipe_write are separate integers. However, they are adjacent in memory since they are inside a struct. They can be used as a two-element array. edit: rewording
Comment posted by
 galvin hery
May 20, 03:58
Yes! They can be used as a two element array cookie clicker
Comment posted by
 galvin hery
May 20, 03:58

Comment posted by
 galvin hery
May 20, 03:59
Comment posted by
 galvin hery
May 20, 04:00
Comment posted by
Aug 10, 09:07
Since pipe_read and pipe_write are two different numbers slope, it seems odd at first. Since they are a part of the same struct, though, they share the same physical memory space. They may serve as a simple array of two elements.