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OPEN  Bug report #688  -  Delete Skeleton layer, bones are still referenced
Posted Oct 07, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
If you create a skeleton layer SL1 , add child bones (SL1B1 , SL1B2 ....) to it ... then delete it, and you create another skeleton (SL2) , the bones of the previous skeleton layer are available for linking! and that produce unexpected result.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • New Canvas
  • Add a skeleton layer (SL1)
  • Create child bones (SL1B2, SL1B3 ....)
  • Delete the skeleton layer (SL1)
  • Add a skeleton layer (SL2)
  • Create a child bone (SL2B2)
  • Select SL2B2 from parameter panel, and open parent select box
---> reference to SL1B1, SL1B2, SL1B3 are displayed (and can be selected!)

Comment posted by
Mar 29, 13:04
The numbering (but not selectable references) extends between projects in the same session: 1) Made Skeleton in current project (up to bone 8 ) 2) Closed current project without closing Synfig 3) Created new project 4) Made Skeleton, and bone numbering continues from where other file left off (bone 9 )
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Nov 11, 13:37
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