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OPEN  Bug report #681  -  Render result regression from 0.64.1
Posted Sep 25, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
It has been noticed that there is a render result difference between current stable version (0.64.1) and current development version (origin/master SHA:1e355dd0c6891197b4d6970887cba7d96f77f9f0 or morevnaproject/gtk3 SHA:635106cc5999fba0d6f8ab94858e1d3656e6eeca)

See message here:

So I've rendered macwolfen.sifz with those two binaries (0.64.1 and morevnaproject/gtk3 SHA:635106) Then applied difference blend method of one over the other and highlight the difference using color tools in Gimp.

Attached is what I get:

  • macwolfen-0.64.1.png
  • macwolfen-gtk3.png
  • macwolfen-0.64.1-gtk3-bright+constrast.png
  • macwolfen-0.64.1-gtk3-saturation+constrast.png

Moreover, I wanted to know what's causing the difference so I isolate the mouth of the character by editing the sifz file (converting it to sif and editing it in a text editor). In the link there is macwolfen-mouth.sif file.

My surprise is that if you isolate the mouth, the problem doesn't appear in the interior of the shapes and only on the contour (alfa interaction). See attached files in the link at the end:

  • macwolfen-mouth-0.64.1,png
  • macwolfen-mouth-gtk3,png
  • macwolfen-mouth-difference,png

So finally I decided to just play with alpha...

I created a feathered circle of 60 pixels radius. Rendered it with 0.64.1 and gtk3 branch. Applied 0.64.1 with difference blend method over gtk3 and attached is what I get...

  • feathered-circle-0.64.1-png
  • feathered-circle-0.64.1-png
  • feathered-circle-difference-png

So, Houston, we got a problem.

SEE LINK ON Attached information TAB

Steps to reproduce this issue
See attached files

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