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OPEN  Bug report #646  -  HTML code in color dialog doesn't stay the same
Posted May 24, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
While creating a screenshot of the Toolbox with German captions, I've noticed the following issue: The outline color of the toolbox in file Tool Box-0.63.06.png (Wiki) has a html code of f27d2c according to The GIMP. If you copy and paste that value into the Colors dialog and close it, it will show f17d2b when you reopen the dialog.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Nothing entered.

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May 25, 07:07
Thank's to report it ! (it was already identified but never reported)
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icon_reply.pngJun 07, 12:54, in reply to comment #2
djay wrote:
Thank's to report it ! (it was already identified but never reported)

I think it's a different issue than the one you linked to. While I also "see the colors being vastly different from the one you intended" (quote: tushantin), that already happens after I press Enter in the HTML code text field. The actual change in the hex code happens after I close the dialog or on re-entering it and is minimal. That looks like a rounding issue or something related.

Maybe it would be a good idea to open up another bug report to get that other issue sorted out, too. I'd definitely welcome it, if you could just copy and paste color codes from The GIMP, Inkscape, etc. into Synfig Studio.

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Nov 16, 21:09
Done with work on Gtk3 conversion (need Setup ---> Gamma ---> RGB 1.0)

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May 04, 08:25
The HTML code you type into the color dialog box might be altered by the browser or the page you're visiting. Some websites may have programs that change the HTML code pou automatically to adhere to their own stylistic or formatting guidelines.
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 Jennifer B
Feb 29, 12:25
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