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OPEN  Bug report #613  -  Brush Tool : Synfig hang and freeze all system
Posted Mar 28, 2014 - updated Apr 09, 2014
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Issue description
I've downloaded the last snapshot for testing, and.. when trying to use the brush tool for the new feature frame-by-frame animation, all the system get freeze. I had to restart the computer all the times I tryed the tool.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Open a simple .jpeg file > advanced 2 frames > create another frame( make new frame ) > than start everything freezes.

Linux Ubuntu 12.04.4 Intel Graphics Core i5 8gb RAM

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Mar 29, 10:36
  • do you have mypaint installed ?
  • are you using cairo or software render in the canvas (i guess software) ?
  • can you try using a png file ?

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icon_reply.pngMar 29, 14:16, in reply to comment #2
- Yes, Mypaint is installed. - Cairo is not enabled to render the canvas, cause when I turn it on, I have more freezes. - I've tryed a png file, same issue.

The freeze happens in different moments, but always when I try to draw with the brush tool, using the new frame feature for the frame-by-frame animation.
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Aug 20, 04:23
Synfig is a great option for animators, but sometimes it just randomly locks up. Must you check this and get more new ways about automation tools. The brush tool will freeze and re-open over and over again until the program crashes. This issue occurs on both Windows and Mac computers. Please take care of this problem and uninstall Synfig 3 to avoid any further problems.
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Oct 03, 16:45
I also realise that rendering of swf would be better done using vectors where possible, but pixel mapped would be a start.

Mobile Service
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Feb 23, 09:30
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Oct 23, 07:12
I've been wanting to learn synfig for a while, but without any good tutorials, it wasn't easy. I'll download Synfig and try to figure out what I can accomplish. I was able to make my first animation because of you and the fantastic geometry dash lite devs.
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Oct 23, 12:07
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