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OPEN  Bug report #573  -  Duplicating a Group Layer with a Skeleton Layer
Posted Feb 01, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
When duplicating a group layer with skeleton layer in it all copies of the layers that were linked to the skeleton are still linked to the firs skeleton and to to the skeleton in the new duplicated group.

Ubuntu 13.04, Synfig development version, revision 20140106.

Video illustrates what I mean:
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Create some layers and link them to skeleton; 2. Group layers; 3. Duplicate group; 3. Try to move the skeleton (moves like there is only one group layer); 4. Move or rotate the duplicated group so that you could see the two groups separately. 5. Moving the skeleton layer in the new group doesn't affect anything, bun when interacting with the skeleton layer in the first group, layers in both groups move.