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OPEN  Bug report #518  -  Exported Canvases ignore parent canvas's fps and dimensions
Posted Dec 09, 2013 - updated Jan 05, 2019
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Issue description
Exported Canvases' FPS and Dimensions are hard coded. They are always 24fps and 480 x 270 regardless of either your default settings or the settings of the parent canvas.

Fedora 20 Beta 64 bit KDE, using 64-bit RPM downloaded from

Development version: Revision: 20131028 Branch: morevna Revision ID: 0bb203

Built on Oct 28 2013

Built with: ETL 0.04.18 Synfig API (006000) Synfig library 47 GTK+ 2.20.1 GNU G++ 4.1.2

Using: Synfig 0.65.0 GTK+ 2.24.22
Steps to reproduce this issue
i) Change the Dimensions to 1920 x 1080 ii) Change the FPS to 25 iii) Export a Canvas from the Paramaters Panel iv) Open the Exported Canvas using the Canvas Browser panel v) Press F8 to see properties of the exported canvas - FPS is 24, Dimensions are 1920 x 1080

Comment posted by
 Carlos López
Dec 09, 10:57
For your information, exported canvases doesn't define the size and the fps. On previous versions, when a canvas doesn't define that, they are get from its patent canvas and fallback to defaults if not a parent is found. Looks like in the development version, exported canvases doesn't look up whether there is a parent canvas and so, it always fallbacks to the default.
Comment posted by
icon_reply.pngDec 09, 11:56, in reply to comment #2
An additional problem with the development version is that it's not even falling back to the user's defaults that they specified in the Synfig Studio Setup dialog box (File > Setup...), but it's falling back to hard-coded values.