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CLOSED  Enhancement #324  -  Add new convert type: Angle -> Real
Posted Jan 09, 2013 - updated Jan 05, 2019
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Testing / QA" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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    Testing / QA
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     Konstantin Dmitriev
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     Konstantin Dmitriev
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    1 week, 6 hours
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    icon_milestones.png 0.64.0
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Issue description
Please add a new convert type which allows to convert Angle values to Real.

The convert type should be available for reverse manipulations.

Comment posted by
 Carlos López
Jan 10, 06:51
Meanwhile it is coded, you can obtain the Angle from Real from the current convert types:

First convert your Angle to Scale. It would give you two parameters: Link (angle) and Scale (real). Placing a proper value to the Link sub parameter would allow you to obtain angles from reals (the Scale). For example to have degrees by real number just fill Link with 1.0º. To obtain radians from reals just fill Link with 57,2957795º. Unfortunately the angle value type doesn't allow more than two decimals and that's the bug that must be fixed.

Anyway, there would be more convert types for angles from real based on its types: degrees, turns and radians. Also the trigonometric convert types aren't complete: I miss ACos and ASin (Atan2 is already coded).
Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
icon_reply.pngJan 10, 17:19, in reply to comment #3
Yes, there is a workaround, but it won't be available for reverse manipulations.

I believe it won't be a problem to take existing Integer convert type and create the similar for Real convert.
Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Jan 11, 18:42
Implemented in morevna branch. See pull request here -
Comment posted by
 Carlos López
Mar 30, 15:41
Applied to master branch

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