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OPEN  Feature request #2025  -  Requirements for the Defense of a PhD Thesis
Posted May 15, 2022 - updated May 15, 2022
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Issue description
Requirements for the Defense of a Ph D Thesis

Completing a Ph D is not easy. This type of scientific work is subject to specific requirements on the part of the Higher Attestation Commission, which are subject to adjustments taking into account the realities and achievements of the scientific and technical progress. Not every research is allowed to be defended and successfully passes the certification stage, so specialists have prepared an article describing the main requirements and the procedure for defending a Ph.D. thesis.


General requirements for Ph.D. thesis


Anyone who wants a certified master can carry out such a serious study, but in order to protect it, it is necessary to take into account a number of basic parameters:

The Ph D thesis should be completed on a topical topic, contribute to its full or partial solution, mitigate the negative impact, taking into account innovations, achievements of scientific and technical progress, latest developments, efficiency and realism; The author of the study will have to enter or attach to a postgraduate program at a university with a suitable field of study; Scientific work is based on conducting research and a scientific experiment; it must be structured, meaningful and reveal the essence; For admission to the defense, it is important to pass the candidate's minimum, which provides for exams in a foreign language, philosophy and history of sciences, a specialized subject (taking into account the profile being mastered and the topic of research); The volume of a Ph.D. thesis ranges from 120 to 180 pages of printed text, moreover, the material is presented strictly in a foreign language; The text of the dissertation must contain links to the original source and self-plagiarism / self-citation. Please note that the uniqueness of the Ph D research should be at least 80-85%. The project is drawn up in strict accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission within the latest edition and is submitted to the Discussion Council within a strictly defined time frame.

The general rules for completing a Ph.D. thesis are based on the implementation of the basic principles: consistency and consistency, relevance, efficiency, correctness of design.


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