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OPEN  Feature request #1776  -  Latest apps for schools
Posted Mar 02, 2022 - updated Mar 02, 2022
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<source lang="Selecting 'Websites for Schools can be a puzzle, notably when you have no idea where to begin. Possibly this write-up can be of assistance.

School leaders know all efforts to effectively adopt edtech are well worth it. Teachers are able to design better learning materials, deliver better instruction, offer better support, and overall create more personalized learning experiences for each student. Students get more engaged in their learning process, which can eventually lead to better academic outcomes. The school can use the school's mobile app to give you regular updates of all their achievements. Parents are busy people; a school app means they don’t have to waste time ringing in their child’s absence, booking parents’ evening slots or scheduling time to chat to the class teacher. Teachers can schedule announcements ahead of time and attach photos and other files with a school mobile app. Notify parents about both good and bad behaviour with a school mobile application. Government guidance for schools across the UK highlights the importance of safeguarding children and young online. Your school should foster an open environment in which children and young people are encouraged to ask any questions and participate in an ongoing conversation about the benefits and dangers of the online world.

Websites for Schoolsicon_open_new.png

The ability to book parents’ evening and clubs online means parents don’t waste precious time phoning and booking slots. These school systems make booking effortless for parents, which, in turn, means fewer phone calls and admin support from your school office team — they can focus their attention on other, more pressing matters. While a printed or emailed document can only provide historic information, some methods of online reporting can be updated in real time as teachers collect and update it. With over 80% of the UK population using the internet daily, and most who don’t being over the 65 bracket, online reporting will likely grow in popularity over the coming years. With significant expenses incurred with conventional teaching and learning methods (i.e. textbooks, private tutors, courses..) these platforms can serve as a big cost saver for families. School Apps help the management share important news, functions, current and future event notices, circulars, intimation about Parent-Teacher meets, and much more. A cutting edge product like Homework App helps to consolidate school communications.

  1. Keep Your School Community Engaged

With a school app, students have 24/7 access to timetables, homework & resources shared by the teachers. Our education system needs to be progressive and move with the times, and the pandemic brought this into high definition. Our children have missed out so much during the pandemic; on a full education, engaging with their peers and the daily routine of visiting a location for lessons. But there are also skills that they have gained, that they may not have done, if we hadn’t been in this situation. View your child’s timetable and the school calendar with your school app. Once schools have put in the time and effort to create the conditions for parent involvement, there are many fun and engaging activities that can be done to involve parents in their children’s education and school community. Send unlimited app messages with read receipts with a school mobile application. Schools can bring all their communication into one place with Parents Evening System today.

With a school branded app, the schools can establish a strong bonding with parents by updating them about every school event and especially all the activities of their child. The Met-Life Teacher Survey in 2002 reported that only 4 in 10 teachers (42 percent) strongly agreed that they were able to teach to their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and only 2 in 10 teachers (22 percent) said they very often have one-on-one conversations with students about their interests and talents. A school’s social media presence can be engaging, informative and fun – but only with some careful work going on behind the scenes. Schools should help teachers understand the importance of updating online data on a consistent basis so that parents know how frequently they can expect to see information posted about their child’s progress. Paper letters are quickly becoming a thing of the past at schools. Not only are they expensive, but creating the letters, printing them out, and distributing them to children or parents is time-consuming. It’s also not very planet-friendly, so making your way to becoming a paperless school can help you take steps towards becoming greener. The automation and simplicity of Websites For Schools can save schools a lot of time and money.

  1. Allow Stakeholders To Collaborate

The user experience of a school mobile app looks much like a typical social networking platform, and the focus is on providing a space for teachers and parents to share and communicate. Parents are not always comfortable offering feedback, especially through indirect communication. Many would appreciate the opportunity to speak face to face, and that’s not something you should be afraid of. In fact, it’s something you should invite. At a school where most students had already been excluded, parents were used to receiving nothing but negative news. But effective parental engagement doesn’t mean only speaking when things go wrong. Tell parents about positive events too, with greater frequency. Parents should share their own information about your child with teachers. Let them know, for example, what activities their child is involved in after school. Tell teachers about any specific behaviors or interests you have observed that seem to affect the child’s learning and growth. While it is crucial that teachers and leaders consider in sufficient depth how technology can help them achieve their vision for their school or for their subject, improve outcomes for students, reduce workload for teachers and bring about benefits for specific segments within the school community, it is equally important for leaders to consider the practical implications. Effortless whole school communication can be made reality by including Online School Payments and all other applications in one app.

Research exploring the development of psychological well-being and resilience highlights the need not only to examine individual factors such as personal skills and attitudes, but also the importance of study-ing external factors that act as protective processes for children and young people. School apps can act as a home-school diary featuring text, pictures and video clips of the day's events, as well as linking through to key statutory information and sending reminders about recurring events in the school week. Even if motivation is understood, the very structure of our educational system is not overly conducive to creating ideal learning conditions. For example, children are brought together on the first day of kindergarten with a vast range of skills and ability levels. Some are writing the alphabet and have been exposed to up to 35 million more words than those who come from impoverished families. Uncover supplementary insights relating to Websites for Schools in this link.

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