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CLOSED  Bug report #929  -  Synfig ver1.0.2 - Wrong interface(UI) shown
Posted Dec 11, 2015 - updated Dec 12, 2015
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Issue description
Hello Synfig support group,

I have Downloaded Synfig ver 1.0.2 and My user Inteface(UI) is wrong! what i meen, the Dock pannel that's in the right upper corner, where the "Arrow","Box" and "Circle" buttons are should be detached but myne is atteched to the main window and there's no way to detach it.

Also the "canvas" pallate that is in the right upper corner should show the mini view of the big "canvas", but in my program there's only a white list there or something, Also in the Options menu insted of greyd option menu, there are white big menu box's

I don't know why this is the case I started it regulary, after download and did not cahanged any prefrences in it.

I'm using Synfig Ver 1.0.2 with Vista Home Premium on a intel dual core 2 - 2.0GHz and a 4GB RAM.

Any help would be apreciated Thanks, for future.

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Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Dec 12, 16:33
Hello! Starting form version 1.0 Synfig features single-window UI. This is default behavior. You can arrange interface in any way you like, even detach panels. Just take a look at this video for reference -