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OPEN  Bug report #860  -  Screen Eyedropper got Bugged in Stretched Multi-Screen Mode Display
Posted Apr 18, 2015 - updated Apr 23, 2015
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Issue description
When i use the multi-screen stretch mode (merging two screens into one), the canvas eyedropper (in the toolbox) is working fine. However, the screen eyedropper (from HSV Color tab) got bugged and crashes Synfig every time i try to use it. Changing into single-screen mode or duplicate screen mode will avoid this issue though.

Additional Info OS : Windows 8 64-bit
Synfig Studio Version : 1-RC 4
Screen Resolution : 1366 X 768
Screens used : 2 screens. 1 from my laptop, 1 external screen as the main screen. connected with HDMI cable
Steps to reproduce this issue
Please remember that this bug can only be reproduced while in multi-screen stretch mode. In Windows 8 you can set it from the Screen Resolution settings (right click desktop screen to open the right click menu, then click "Resolution")

After that, simply open the color editor, click the HSV tab, select the "Screen Eyedropper" tool icon and click anywhere on the screen. Synfig studio then crashes.

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