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OPEN  Enhancement #723  -  ETL replacement
Posted Dec 08, 2014 - updated Jan 05, 2019
eldruin (eldruin) has been working on this issue since December 08, 2014 (21:06)
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Issue description
The ETL doesn't look very nice to me. I think the implementation is very partial and looks to me more like a bunch of shared utilities, which don't live up to the name "Extended Template Library". At least the majority of the functionality is already implemented in the boost libraries, which have a very high quality, are broadly used, peer-reviewed and well tested. We are already dependent on the boost libraries so why not use them to a bigger extent and get rid of the ETL as much as possible and simplify the code of synfig.

I will start replacing the ETL with boost libraries first in the command-line interface, then in synfig library and synfig modules and then in synfig-studio in this order. Along the way I can most probably simplify/improve some stuff and make synfig's code cleaner.

Follow the progress of the implementation in this branch of my repository:

See the discussion here.

Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Dec 09, 02:58
Good. Just make sure to rebase regularly against the "master" branch. ^__^
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