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OPEN  Enhancement #661  -  Improve UX consistency of dialogue button order
Posted Aug 13, 2014 - updated Aug 13, 2014
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Issue description
There is a minor UX issue of the order of Yes / No / Cancel buttons. Ideally you would detect the user's platform and put them the right way round for consistency and so that they don't click the wrong button out of habit. The way Synfig has them with Cancel on the right is only used by Windows, Android and Amiga. All other OSes put Cancel on the left including OS X, iOS, Linux (depending on setup), Chrome OS, Web OS and Haiku (Be OS). So if it would be too hard to detect a user's platform and swap the button order, I'd recommend putting them the dominant way round which is Cancel on the left. I researched it, blogged, wrote a gem (not applicable for native app development though) ... cy-sniffux

Apart from OS consistency the reason to put the primary button (OK, Apply, Yes, Next) on the right is that it will always be in the same place so it is easiest to click, almost muscle memory. If it's on the left then depending on the number of buttons it's position will be different. Furthermore it makes sense as "Next" would logically go on the right (in Western LTR writing countries) thus all dominant buttons should be on the right. Having it "Next | Previous" would be counterintuitive.

So, consistency with most OSes, muscle memory, LTR text.

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