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OPEN  Enhancement #660  -  Retina High DPI Canvas
Posted Aug 13, 2014 - updated Aug 13, 2014
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Issue description
As Synfig is primarily a graphics application so it would be ideal if the canvas displayed at the best quality possible. For my case I have a Retina Mac Book Pro. Retina is Apple's term to mean 2 screen pixels for every 1 window point in each direction, or 4 screen pixels area making up every window point. This is so that window elements stay the same size instead of being unreadably small, while graphics and text become twice as sharp. Windows laptops are starting to ship with high pixel density screens too (though not always 2pt to 1px). High pixel density screens are going to become more common, adding Retina support now would be future proofing.

In the current Mac native build handles and tools on the workspace are already Retina (and text too). This suggests that perhaps adding Retina support to the drawing canvas itself might not be too hard. However I know Inkscape is struggling with a Retina canvas, GIMP hasn't done it either, so I guess it could be a really hard thing to do.

Adding Retina support would slow down rendering 4X as there are 4X the pixels, so it might have to be an option, though there is already a low resolution mode so perhaps this would suffice.

Note: "Retina" is trademarked my Apple, though it is the term in common usage. For any official release with "Retina" support you would have to call it something else, like "High pixel density" "High DPI" "2X PPI" or something like that. CSS calls it "device-pixel-ratio: 2".

Comment posted by
 Osborn Tyler
Jun 29, 15:04
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 Osborn Tyler
Jun 29, 15:05
Comment posted by
 Osborn Tyler
Jun 29, 15:05
Comment posted by
 Osborn Tyler
Jun 29, 15:06
I would be happy to get any help.
Comment posted by
 Lawrence Walton
Jun 29, 15:11
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Jun 29, 15:14
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