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OPEN  Bug report #653  -  Tool panel units issue
Posted Jul 04, 2014 - updated Dec 13, 2014
Yu Chen (JgmVaOKHT81KUJ1NRmOBOwXcdCGjPq93) has been working on this issue since July 04, 2014 (11:42)
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Issue description
I think the tool options panels are not picking up the user's unit system.

Although my unit system is set to pixels, in the tool panel I see pts.

Synfig Units issueicon_open_new.png

Version used:

Development version: Revision: 20140609 Branch: master Revision ID: e847a7

Built on Jun 9 2014

Built with: ETL 0.04.18 Synfig API (006000) Synfig library 47 GTK+ 2.20.1 GNU G++ 4.3.2

Using: Synfig 0.65.0 GTK+ 2.24.23

64-bit DEB file Downloaded from Synfig Studio website, running on Kubuntu 14.04 64-bit
Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Set unit system to pixels in Edit -> Preferences -> Misc 2. Draw a rectangle 3. Look at the "Rectangle Creation" panel.

What's expected

pixels (px)

What's seen

points (pt)

Comment posted by
 Yu Chen
Jul 04, 11:40
I noticed this issue during implementation of new ui layout and couldn't fix it at that period, and forgot to filed a bug too :(. If I remember correctly. There are some other widgets don't pick up their units from user's preference too.
Comment posted by
 Yu Chen
Jul 13, 16:06
Basically it has been fixed now:

There are still other related improvements should be done
    1. make some options without unit attached to inherit unit from preferences
    2. make angle to have unit (UTF-16: 0x1D52) as angle parameter in parameters panel.
    3. refresh option panel to update units of options when user change unit in preferences dialog and hit apply button
    4. convert its value as well? for example: if user change unit from cm to m, saying an brush size 10cm be changed to 0.01m. In this case, there will be more job involved, since we have to take care the precision system, which has discussed in our forum long time ago.