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OPEN  Enhancement #601  -  Can Synfig please export webm format
Posted Mar 05, 2014 - updated Mar 05, 2014
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Issue description
Hi, I have been evaluating synfig recently and have been continually frustrated by one aspect that has tripled my workload - the difficulty in producing webm files. With the increasing importance of pure HTML5 sites, this a format that a large number of users would probably like to see supported. It can be produced with the ffmpeg that ships with synfig, but currently only by rendering to png and then converting using the ffmpeg command-line. Synfig command line and GUI just complain about unsupported type or try to encode with the mpeg or 'undf' codec. For simple web based animations in HTML5 webm and animated SVG will be crucial formats. I realise there are plans afoot for recoding the rendering support e.g. using Cairo, but ITMW, can we please have WEBM support via ffmpeg?

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