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OPEN  Bug report #598  -  Render to SVG produces non-working SVG
Posted Mar 02, 2014 - updated Mar 03, 2014
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Issue description
When asked to render SVG Synfig appears to do some work but just produces partial SVG containing a series of static circles and nothing else.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Steps to reproduce: Create a simple animation. Choose File -> Render, choose file name with .svg extension. Open resulting file in browser - nothing happens. Edit resulting file in text editor - partial file can be seen.

Comment posted by
 Konstantin Dmitriev
Mar 03, 09:36
OMG, I didn't know that Synfig can produce SVG files via rendering. I've just tested it with the latest release - and, yes, it really produces svg! And you right, it's not working.
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Feb 25, 14:27
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